Exxon & Chevron deliver nearly $30B in profits; Maruti Suzuki profits up 3.5x and Tata Power profit rises 85%.
Twitter sealed, Musk fires CEO & CFO. US GDP - Up 2.6%; ECB lifts rates 75bps; Amazon shared pummeled. Apple sets record revenue but cautions of slow…
AU Inflation at 32-year high; Big EU banks face windfall tax; Meta shares plunge 22% in aftermarket trading;
China's GDP 3.9%; above expectations but below target; Housing prices in decline; Google misses expectations & shares plunge 6.5%; MSFT earnings growth…
Some 165 US companies report their quarterly earnings this week. The week represents the "biggest and busiest" earnings week this quarter. Elon…
Blackstone AUM surges 30% approaching $1T. Indian FIs gain on strong tail winds. Japan core inflation at 3%. Luxury product makers remain resilient.
JPY trades past >150; UK inflation soars >10%; Tesla revenues up 55%; Strong USD hurting US firms.
J&J beats earnings with growth across all segments. Netflix tops subscriber forecast reversing decline over last two quarters.
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